Best Web Hosting

best hostingToday there are thousand of web hosting companies available on the market. Choosing a hosting provider depends on what type of website you want to build: personal or hoddy, blog, forum, ecommerce of a complex online application. Firs you have to know that the most common type of web hosting are: free, shared, virtual, dedicated and cloud hosting. I will not recommend using free hosting, because it’s unreliable and it’s only a waste of time.

Free Web Hosting

Actually you get a limited hosting account, where you can upload files and host a website. The hosting provider will get benefits from you, while forcing advertising banners to your website. This looks unprofessional and it’s very frustrating to your visitors. Free hosting is always limited, does not allow to host a domain name, only subdomains, you can’t have a business email address, does not allow scripts or PHP mail, etc… If you want to make a professional website, go for shared hosting at least.

Shared Web Hosting

web hostShared hosting is the most popular hosting plan, because it is inexpensive and offers all the features that a small to medium sized website needs. Basically the shared hosting means, that multiple websites are hosted on the same server, under multiple hosting accounts, using the same server resources. Benefits of shared web host are large amount of bandwidth and disk space, allows hosting multiple websites and large number of email address, supports ASP, PHP programming languages and MySQL databases.

Virtual Private Server

virtual hostingFor that website which exceeds the resources of a shared account, a virtual hosting is the best solution to upgrade. Basically a VPS is like a small dedicated server, where administrator will have root access and the sure websites performance are much better than on a shared account. It’s much more expensive comparing it to a shared hosting plan and requires more technical skills to manage a VPS hosting. Virtual Servers can host multiple website, emails, are supporting different programming languages and databases, like at shared host, but with higher security and performance.

Dedicated Server Hosting

dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting can handle high traffic websites at the highest security and performance. This type of hosting plan is usually used by huge corporate websites, with thousand of users, massive website traffic, and a very complex online application. When you buy a dedicated hosting, basically you rent a high performance computer at a certain location, in a secure environment and dedicated unique IP address. Depending on your hosting needs, the cost of a dedicated server can varies between $150-$700 per month.